Income and Social GrantsIncome and Social Grants

Over 11



children live in poverty (less than R923 per month)
Children in South Africa bear a huge burden of poverty because they are disproportionately represented in households situated in poor areas where there is little employment. Children have a constitutional right to social assistance, and over 12 million children receive social grants. Without these grants, child poverty rates would be even more severe.

Indicators for Demography

Children living in income poverty

South Africa has very high rates of child poverty, and children are disproportionately represented in poor households. In 2014, close to two thirds of children lived on less than R923 per month.

Children living in households where no adult is employed

In 2013, 30% all children lived in households where no adults were working. This includes formal employment as well as income generation through informal and self-employment.

Children receiving the Child Support Grant

The child support grant is an unconditional cash grant paid to the caregivers of eligible children. It is the biggest of all grants in distribution numbers, and now reaches close to 12 million children each month.

Children receiving the Foster Child Grant

The Foster Child Grant (FCG) is a grant of R890 per month in 2016, paid to the caregiver of a child who has been placed in foster care by a court. 470,000 children receive FCGs. Most of them are orphans living with family members.

Children receiving the Care Dependency Grant

The Care Dependency Grant is a non-contributory monthly cash transfer to caregivers of children with severe disabilities who require permanent care. It is worth R1500 per month in 2015.